Keep Your Garage Door Working

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Garage doors are constructed from many intricate parts. If any of them wear down and fail, you'll end up with an immovable door. Garage World LLC offers garage door repair services in Eagle and all of Idaho so you can open your garage again. We can fix broken springs, rollers, cables, motors or entire panels to make your garage door as good as new. If your door is significantly damaged, we'll give you an honest assessment of the problem and recommend an effective solution.

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Prevent problems with recurring maintenance

Prevent problems with recurring maintenance

Garage doors are a significant investment. Why not help your door last as long as possible with garage door maintenance services? Our technician can give your door a tuneup by:

  • Performing a 12-point inspection to find potential problems
  • Adjusting electric openers, tightening the chain and setting limit switches
  • Checking batteries, bottom steal and weather stripping
  • Lubricating the drive mechanism

We can also tighten or replace defective bolts and nuts to keep your opener working properly. Schedule garage door opener repair or maintenance services by calling us at 208-939-5500.